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  • The Norstar portfolio consists of the Meridian M7100, M7208, M7310, and M7324.  
  • Each telephone has an integrated alphanumeric display to guide users through feature operations. 
  • Programmable buttons may be personalized as outside lines, intercoms, speed dial numbers, or favorite features.  
  • Easy to make calls...just pick up the handset...Norstar's automatic line selection chooses a free line for you. 
  • The Norstar 3 x 8 key system provides capabilities for up to 3 lines and 8 stations. 
  • The Norstar-PLUS Compact ICS can start as a 4 x 8, providing capabilities for 4 lines and 8 stations. It can grow as large as an 8 x 24, providing capabilities for 8 lines and 24 stations. 
  • The Norstar-PLUS Modular ICS is a O x 32 - by adding trunk cartridges the system may be built to suit the customer needs. 
  • Companion: The Wireless Telephone System - designed to work with your phone system and gives you the same features and functionality.



We can build your local area network (LAN) based upon the specifications for your business including hardware (routers, etc.), wiring (Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 7, and Fiber), high speed data circuits, and ISDN. 
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With VolFirst's reliable enhanced Voice Mail you'll never miss a call and you can even listen to your voice mail right from your Internet connection, or any touchtone phone.

E-mail Notification notifies you at your email address when a message has been left in your voice mailbox. With speakers attached to your PC, you can listen to, delete, save or forward the message. Internet Control allows user to access Voice Mail service online via

Message Notification notifies your cell phone or pager that you have a voicemail message. Message Forward transfers a message from your voice mailbox to another voice mailbox. Outdial forwards live calls to any local number you choose. Auto login gives immediate access to your voice mailbox without being asked to enter a User ID or password.

VolFirst's Voice Mail includes 30 minutes of storage time, 3 minutes of message length, and many more features.

Voice Mail User Guide